Does My Ex Still Love Me?  Take Our Quiz and Find Out!

Knowing precisely how your ex still feels about you can be pretty tough! Find out exactly how much your ex still loves you, and whether or not you have a chance at getting them back with the following Ultimate Quiz.

Does My Ex Still Love Me?

The following 18 questions will show just how much your ex is still in love with you. No email or registration needed, just answer away!

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Your Does My Ex Still Love Me score will be displayed after each question, along with descriptions as to how each question was resolved. Learn exactly how your ex boyfriend is feeling about you an answer-by-answer basis.

Ready to find out your ex's true feelings for you? Start by answering the questions below!

Question 1 of 18:

How long were you and your ex boyfriend dating?

A couple of weeks
More than six months
Over a year
Three or four years
Five years or more

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