Getting Your Boyfriend Back If He Caught You Cheating

No breakup situation is harder to fix than one where you got caught cheating on your boyfriend. This is the most difficult scenario to recover from because you've betrayed his trust. If your boyfriend ended your relationship because you were unfaithful, you'll need to take special care when trying to win him back.

Cheated on Boyfriend

Let Him Be Angry

Your boyfriend's first reaction to finding out you've cheated on him will be pretty natural: hurt and outrage. He's going to be angry with you, and might be angry with the guy you cheated on him with as well. No matter what directions his anger might take, don't fight him on it. Don't try to calm him down or tell him everything's going to be alright; downplaying his rage right now is only going to piss him off even more than he already is. You need to let him get out his anger, and allow him to vent any frustration he's feeling, without interference from you.

Now's not the time to try and save your relationship, either. Upon learning of your infidelity your boyfriend is going to break up with you... and there's nothing you can do about it. Trying to fix things right now is not only fruitless, but it might be counterproductive to getting him back later on when he's calmed down. He's also going to remember anything you say right now and use it against you later on, so the less you say the better.

Also understand that you're 100% at fault here, and don't try to defer blame. Offer a genuine apology, and let him know you're extremely sorry for doing what you did. Don't make excuses - just apologize. Keep it simple, but make it heartfelt. And above all else, don't start crying all over the place because he's going to resent you for it. He'll feel like you're turning the attention and sympathy back onto you, when he's the one who was actually wronged.

Don't Fight Your Boyfriend On The Break Up

When your boyfriend catches you cheating, he's first going to feel betrayed and upset. As that wears off, he's going to feel incredibly pissed. He'll want to make you feel as badly as he does, which means some form of punishment. This can take the form of everything from mental and emotional torture to him actually going out and 'getting revenge' by sleeping with another girl.

Of course none of these things will help the two of you get back together, and they might even drive you further apart. To minimize the anger he feels, don't fight his decision to end things. Don't try to talk him down off any ledges, and don't try to downplay his feelings right now. You can't change his mind anyway, and if you fight the break up he may only want to punish you harder for not realizing and understanding just how much you've hurt him.

How Your Ex Boyfriend Feels After You've Cheated On Him

You need to realize something: your boyfriend isn't ending your relationship because his love for you is gone. He's breaking up with you because he's angry instead. This makes things a lot easier when it comes to finally getting back together again, because he still has deep-seeded feelings and emotions for you. Those feelings just don't melt away because he caught you with some other guy - as much as he might angrily tell you they have.

Your ex wants you to feel what he's going through, so he may try to make you feel that same level of pain. Your exboyfriend might try to make you jealous, or just vent over and over again about what you did. It doesn't matter much what method he chooses, but you need to accept this punishment... or at least let him think you have. There are actually some ways of minimizing his desire to punish you for cheating, and those methods can be found here.

When the punishment comes, reacting as if he's hurt you might actually help your cause, but don't overdo it or ask him to apologize in any way. Once again, the less you say the better. You want him to believe that his actions have had the effect on you that he wants, whether they did or not. Getting him over his anger is all about letting him believe that he's received some sort of justification. Until this happens, your ex boyfriend won't be willing to take you back.

Make One Final Apology Before Walking Away

When the anger and punishment phases of your break up have passed, you'll need to walk away from your ex boyfriend for a while. But before you do, offer him one last humble apology. You don't have to be teary-eyed when you do this, and don't go begging for forgiveness either. But let him know that you were wrong, you know that what you did was a mistake, and that above all else, you'd never cheat on him again.

Get Boyfriend Back After Cheating

Your ex might laugh at that last part, telling you that it doesn't matter anyway. You're broken up, and he's never going to date you again. Inside however, he won't be entirely sure that's not true. And there's a part of him that really needs to hear those words - a part that wants to know that if and when he does take you back, he can feel safe about doing it. Trust will take some time to build, but you can start it off right by making your apology as well-rounded as possible.

Expressions of guilt on your part will also go a long way toward getting your ex boyfriend back. When your ex feels as if you're honestly struggling with what you did, believe it or not he'll actually feel somewhat badly for you. A good part of him wants to believe you made a very stupid mistake, and that you both still love each other. That same part of him wants to forgive you, but that can't happen right now.

Step Back And Give Your Ex Boyfriend Time to Himself

A really tough thing to do after getting dumped for cheating: leaving your ex alone. You'll want to continue to stay in touch with your ex boyfriend to keep letting him know how sorry you are, and to try and gauge whether or not he'll take you back. But if you're serious about dating him again, you'll steer clear of him during this crucial time. Disappearing right now is your best bet, if you want your exboyfriend back.

Win Boyfriend Back After Cheating

Try not to let your mind get the best of you, either. If you sit there thinking about him night and day, you're just going to drive yourself crazy... or worse, be tempted to call him or text him. Don't let your mind race with negative thoughts either: if you fear that your ex is going to run out and sleep with the first girl he sees, maybe you shouldn't really be with him in the first place. Although it was you who cheated on your boyfriend, if you're reading this guide right now, you should be sorry enough to realize the mistake that you made.

As you leave your ex to his own thoughts, he's going to turn to family and friends to get his mind off what happened. He doesn't want to think about you, and he especially doesn't want to think about you cheating on him. For a while, he'll need some space... but the good news is that over time, your ex boyfriend will begin missing you again.

Remember that your ex didn't break up with you out of boredom or because the two of you fell out of love... he broke up with you as a requirement for you cheating on him. He probably doesn't want to lose you, and a good part of his heart is still in love with the person that you are. You've crushed him by being unfaithful, but the core of his emotions remain intact. Given time, and enough space, your exboyfriend will begin thinking about whether or not he can continue a relationship with you.

"How Long Before My Boyfriend Gets Over Me Cheating on Him?"

Your ex needs to do a few things before he can take you back. First, he has to accept what happened. Finding out why it happened is a job he'll undertake when he gets back together with you, but for now he needs to reconcile you being unfaithful in his mind. He also has to ask himself a question: "can I get past the fact that my girlfriend cheated on me?" Some guys simply can't... they'll get back together with an exgirlfriend who was unfaithful and continue punishing and punishing her until the relationship crumbles. You want to avoid this type of scenario no matter what.

There's good news, though. If your relationship was pretty good and the infidelity happened rather suddenly, the part of your ex's heart that misses and loves you will overrule the part that's upset at what you did. Relationships can and do survive cheating, and forgiveness is the next step in the process.

Getting Your Boyfriend To Forgive You Being Unfaithful

Your relationship will change after one or both of you have cheated on the other, and there's no real way around that. Still, there are ways to minimize the damage your romance sustains during this difficult time. Getting your ex to trust you again will be a long road, and you'll need to be patient... but there are ways of speeding up the process of building faith and trust.

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