Top 6 Ways To Get Your Exboyfriend To Want You Again

Before you can win your boyfriend back you need to know what caused him to break up with you in the first place. If you did something specifically wrong, you already know how to fix it. But if your relationship ended without rhyme or reason, there are ways of recapturing the romance of those first few weeks together.

Get Back Ex Boyfriend

Men are a lot less complicated than you give us credit for. We like simple things, and are attracted to anything easygoing or casual. The more drama and conflict involved in your relationship, the greater the chances of your boyfriend walking away. By keeping things simple and stress-free, you can usually keep your man very happy for a long time.

The behaviors you exhibited when you first got together with your boyfriend are a big part of what attracted him to you in the first place. While each guy may have different physical tastes in women, most men find the same personality traits attractive again and again. The more of these you show, the better your chances at making a guy want you. In examining them below, try to determine which of these behaviors you showed at the beginning of your relationship, when everything was amazing and fun.

When a boyfriend dumps you, it could be because you're no longer exhibiting these same traits. Sometimes getting back together with your ex is as easy as flipping the switches for these behaviors back into the on position.

1) Independence

Every girl loves to consider themselves independent, but carrying that independence into a relationship environment is often hard to do. Some women are very clingy and even needy when it comes to dating a guy, and very quickly they begin relying on their man as their sole purpose of entertainment. This works fine until your boyfriend wants some time to himself, or even worse, alone with his friends, and here's where resentment and bitterness can rapidly kick in.

Not all girls are clingy. That being said, needy behavior is harder to identify from the inside out. Take a long, honest look at your relationship from an outside perspective and try to determine whether or not you might've been smothering your boyfriend. If you gave him a hard time whenever he went solo or made him feel guilty for going out without you, there's a good chance you were a little too dependent upon him for your happiness. This isn't to say it's okay for your boyfriend to ignore you and party with his friends each night, but every once in a while keeps him happy and gives your relationship room to breathe.

Being independent will keep your romance healthy. It allows you to have your own interests and hobbies, because there will also be occasions when you yourself want some time alone. Being financially and socially independent is great, but to be romantically independent as well will very much help in the quest to get your boyfriend back.

2) Confidence

An insecure girlfriend is something many guys don't know how to deal with. At first this kind of behavior may be cute, and your man might enjoy putting an arm or two around you to make you feel better. But when he's always having to pump you up and give you a confidence boost each and every day? It gets tiresome very quickly.

Being confident in yourself will take a lot of pressure off your relationship. When a girl is confident, her boyfriend can relax and not have to worry about mood swings or indecisiveness due to insecurity. Just as confidence is a trait women look for in a man, you should realize that men look for it just as much.

3) Respect

Despite a masculine or macho outer shell, most men have pretty fragile egos. A lack of common respect for your boyfriend can really kill your relationship, and this will happen slowly over time. On television it's always funny to watch the guy in the sitcom constantly mess up, then watch his girlfriend or wife sarcastically beat on him for the next half hour. But in a real-life relationship? That kind of battering will always lead to withdrawl and resentment.

Get Your Ex Back

Don't treat your boyfriend as an mental or emotional punching bag. By treating him with the same amount of respect you'd like him to give you, you'll always be on equal footing. This allows for a more secure partnership - one where the two of you work together to acheive your goals. But just as you wouldn't (and shouldn't) stand around for him constantly berating you or putting you down, your boyfriend isn't going to stand for it either. Not forever, anyway.

If you've been guilty of a lack or respect for your boyfriend or feel like you might have pushed him away with such behavior, one of the first things you need to do is identify these signals. The tips and techniques found within this resource will help put you back on the right track to making your ex want you again.

4) Simplicity

Say what you mean. Mean what you say. Very often girls lose sight of this, or intentionally act mysterious. If you think part of your allure is letting your boyfriend "figure you out" from day to day, you couldn't be more wrong. Guys like simplicity, low-drama, and generally want a woman who's very easygoing.

Men hate trying to figure out what you really mean or want when you say something. Don't hide behind moodiness, PMS, or any other excuse - if you're feeling something, bring it up. Talk openly and honestly. Don't expect your boyfriend to instinctively know what's wrong, or let him spend half the night guessing at it. By staying on the level, you'll find yourself in a lot less fights and arguments.

5) Lack of Game-Playing

Any time game-playing becomes part of your relationship, you're flirting with disaster. When you turn your relationship into a competition, guys will get ultra-competitive as part of their nature. Instead of a partnership built on teamwork, your relationship becomes a contest of who will out-trump the other. In every day conversations with friends and family, you'll be constantly battling instead of standing united as a couple.

When you win, your boyfriend will be angry. When he wins, you'll be bitter. Understand that playing games during your relationship usually means that no one wins, and the both of you will end up going to bed angry with the other.

If a lot of game-playing went on between you and your boyfriend, letting him know this type of behavior is over will go a long way toward getting him back. You can't just tell him though, you have to show him. There are methods and techniques for getting back in contact with an ex boyfriend and letting him know things will be different this time around, but the approach you take needs to be executed very carefully. Swearing to change and promising the world is never a good idea while trying to fix a broken relationship.

6) Happiness and Fun

It's crazy, but most couples going through relationship troubles have all lost sight of the same thing: dating should be fun! If you're not looking forward to seeing and hanging out with your boyfriend, chances are he's not looking forward to seeing you either. Your relationship flourished when you first came together, and there's no reason those same feelings can't continue to always exist. By making each other laugh and putting each other first, you'll form a special bond that no guy will be willing to break.

Dating Your Ex Boyfriend

We've all seen relationships that have gone on way too long... couples who simply should've broken things off long ago. We've also seen boring, mundane, empty shells of past relationships that need new life breathed back into them. When you're getting together with your boyfriend out of daily obligation instead of a sense of actual longing or excitement, something has to change fast.

People can't always let go. Some couples hang onto each other out of habit instead of love. They continue on with dead relationships, robotically continuing forward and even getting married without even lifting a finger to reviving them. It's a sad way to love someone, but some couples have been doing it for so long they don't know anything else.

If the magic wore off your relationship and you did nothing to bring it back, it could be the reason your boyfriend dumped you. Bringing that sparkle back to the romance can actually make your ex boyfriend want and need you in his life again.

In the end there's a golden rule that you should always remember about men:

Guys Just Want To Be Happy

A happy man will never leave you, not even for another girl. If your relationship provides love, support, and fun for the both of you... it's going to remain strong forever. But when you start putting your own needs first, or lose sight of how happy you used to be together? That's when a guy will begin looking around to see if the grass isn't really greener on the other side of the fence.

Don't feel bad if your romance doesn't seem to live up to its old passion - this happens to everyone no matter how long they've been dating. Instead of being conscious about it, be proactive. Some of the best ideas for bringing back that old spark can be found by checking out 300 of the Most Creative Dates. Giving yourself a fresh perspective on things can give also your boyfriend a new outlook. And in the event he's your exboyfriend? It can also help give the two of you fresh start.

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